Week of the 6th Progress

We focused on Micro and Macro factors of Walkers.

Dominic & Rhiannon looked at the Micro Factors.

Customers  – They get their customers involved by getting them interacted with the business by getting them to think of new flavour ideas. Walkers. (2014)

Employees – Pepsico train their employees to become leaders so that they can grow their career and make them more qualified. Pepsico. (2014)

Suppliers – Walkers grow their own potatoes in the UK. Walkers. (2014)

Shareholders – Walkers owned by Pepsico so they float under their name, shareholders would be happy as Walkers own 56% of the market share. PepsiCo. (2014)

Media – Walkers launched a ‘tweet to eat’ campaign, involving potential consumers on social media. Henderson. (2014).

Competitors – It showed that Walkers had the largest market share at 56% so there isn’t too much competition. Bainbridge. (2012).


ENVIRONMENTAL: Environmental impact is now more influential on consumer demand, meaning that businesses could gain a competitive advantage by improving the environment. Walkers experimented with crisp packets made out of potatoes to try to make them bio degradable. This was a unsuccessful venture. BBC News. (2010).

TECHNOLOGICAL: Due to the growth of social media businesses must adapt to make use of this resource, enabling them to advertise their product to the masses. Walkers “Tweet to eat” marketing campaign  Hepburn. (2014).


ECONOMIC: It is becoming increasingly difficult to make money and sustain a business within the UK crisps market. MINTEL. (2012).

SOCIAL: Making the consumer aware of the fact a business uses locally sourced ingredients is important. This is because customers prefer local foods but often don’t do research into sourcing. SERIO. (2008).


POLITICAL: Since Walkers was taken over by Pepsi in 1999, Walkers contribution to the UK tax bill was down by £10million from the previous year’s figure of £28million. Brooks. (2009).

LEGAL: Walkers followed food safety regulations by putting procedures in place to reduce the likelihood of physical contamination in crisp packets. Baines, et al (2007)



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