Week of the 20th October

TOWS analysis to create critical success factors. We did this in a group to maximise the ideas brought forward.


T1: Governed by many UK food laws about food hygiene, sustainability and business practice.

T2: Stigma around unhealthy eating and healthier options becoming more of a threat.

T3: Restrictions on advertising junk food to children.

T4: Disease/Pests to crops


O1: Packaging – development of recyclable packaging.

O2: Use of social media for advertising- cheap and reaches large volumes of potential customers

O3: Whole company based in UK eliminates issues in communication.

O4: Continually developing new products which appeal to consumers, e.g. Do Us a Flavour


W1: Products not tasting how intended.

W2: Their crisp packets aren’t biodegradable.

W3: Some of the new flavours made contained meat and therefore not suitable for vegetarians.

T2 & W1: Production of vegetable crisps or popcorn (which are associated with being healthy and a premium product), but at Walker’s prices (mid-range prices therefore making Walkers vegetable crisps a competitor with premium crisp brands and healthy foods)

Briggs, H. (2013). 


W2 & O2: Development of biodegradable packaging. To overcome the problem of packets not being biodegradable, Walkers could try to develop an appropriate biodegradable packaging material.

Sustainable Brands. (2008).

O4 & W3: During the development of new products, ensure all are suitable for vegetarians. This is important as a large proportion of the market are vegetarians, and if this is advertised, it would appeal to a wider market.

Hickman, M. (2013).


S1: The product doesn’t contain food colourings.

S2: Walkers own a 56% market share in the crisp market.

S3: All products used are British

S4:Packets are widely recyclable.

S5: The crisps are celebrity endorsed.


S5 & T3:  Use of celebrities well know by both children and adults for advertising, therefore advertising isn’t aimed directly at children, but will still appeal to children. This will overcome the obstacle of restrictions of advertising junk food to children by using celebrity endorsement.

Boyland, E, et al.(2013). 


S2 & O2:  Walkers is a large company therefore can take advantage of social media advertising. This will make it easier for Walkers to promote new products cheaply and easily.

Ibrahim. M. (2013).

S4 & O1: If Walkers make customers more aware that their crisp packets are widely recycled, this could become a way to combat the issue of their packaging not being biodegradable. If more customers recycle, the need for biodegradable packaging is reduced.

Environmental Sustainability Report. (2007).

We ordered our CSFs in order of importance.

1. S4 & O1

2. T2 & W1

3. W2 & O2

4. O4 & W3

5. S2 & O2

6. S5 & T3


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